September 15, 2019

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It is necessary to perform some basic assessments before you schedule an MOT test. The reason is straightforward; you must ensure that your car passes the MOT test the first time. A failed MOT test means you will need to reschedule another test and spend more money.

In this post I will be writing about some essential checks you can do to increase the chances of your car passing the first MOT test. The MOT test is mandatory for cars older than three years; it must be done once a year to ensure the cars are in top form.

The reports indicate that about one-third of all the cars that go for an MOT test fail. This is because the car owners were not fully prepared. Here are some checks that can help you get prepared for the MOT test;

Test your brakes

Before taking your car for an MOT test, ensure that your brakes are working perfectly. Minor lapses in the performance of your brake system can lead to a failed test. Getting common brake issues fixed (e.g., warn pads or disks) ahead of the test will save wasting time with a failed text.

Check the condition of your windscreen wipers

The windscreen wipers have a very important function that can keep you safe when driving in bad weather. However, if you schedule and MOT test during summer when you rarely use the wipers, the result can be a failure if the wiper blades are warn.

Top up your engine fluids

It is important that the fluid containers in your engine compartment are full at the required levels. Your car will not pass the MOT test if any of the fluids, including the seemingly trivial window washer fluid, is found to be too low.

Cracked windscreens

Minor cracks in the windscreen can be the reason for a failed MOT test. These cracks are easy to overlook when they are so small, so you shouldn’t make the mistake of not replacing your windscreen if it is cracked. Most car insurance policies allow a windscreen to be repaired ore replaced with a lower policy excess.

Broken or faulty headlights

Your headlights will be checked before an MOT certificate is given. You must ensure they are working perfectly before taking the car for an MOT test. Another minor feature that can cause a failed MOT test is a faulty car registration plate lamp. It is easy to overlook this small lamp because of its position. Such a small oversight can lead to a failed test so you must ensure it is working.

I hope these tips help, you should also ensure your tyres, and signal lights are in good condition. MOT tests shouldn’t be stressful if you make adequate preparation.

MOT Test

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